About S2

Tired of generic, cookie-cutter gym membership fees, contracts, and classes? Then S2 Fitness Studio is for you!
S2 Fitness Studio was founded in 2007 in Calgary, Alberta. Nestled in the trendy community of Altadore, S2 Fitness Studio is rooted in personalization, professionalism and community. S2 offers one-on-one, semi-private, small group training and fitness classes from a clean and bright home-based facility with high-quality exercise equipment. With Susan Simpson's 40 years of knowledge and expertise as a certified personal trainer, group exercise specialist and educator in the field, you can have confidence you'll be receiving quality instruction and a personalized experience. All fitness levels, ages and individuals overcoming injuries are welcome.
In-Studio / Live / Recordings
One-On-One / Small Group Training
Smaller Group Fitness classes
Affordable rates
Functional AND Fun!

At S2, we believe fitness is an essential part of your overall health, so whoever you are, whatever situation you are in, we want to find a way to fit exercise into your life: 

    • Intimidated by big group classes? S2 offers group exercise classes with less than 8 people.
    • Have an injury or are you just starting your fitness journey? S2 offers one-on-one training and personalized assistance during small group training sessions. We provide options/challenges to make training sessions and fitness classes attainable for you.
    • Have a sport specific goal in mind? S2 offers personal training, where we can build and work with you on a specific program to improve and enhance your sport and reduce the risk of injury. 
    • Running isn’t for you? S2 classes are high-energy and designed to be fun, functional AND a full body workout. Burning calories doesn’t have to be a chore, so grab a friend to join the fun!
    • Don’t have time to commute to a gym or studio? S2 offers participation to live classes and recordings that are available for 3 days after the class.
    • On a budget? S2 Fitness Studio group classes are more budget conscious than a recurring monthly gym membership or studio classes. No contracts, no auto-renewals. 

Come join our welcoming, supportive and friendly S2 community grounded in both physical and mental health! Sign up for our monthly S2 info newsletter to see upcoming class types, schedule, one-on-one, small group training and pricing!


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