The Evolution of S2

In 1993, Susan was a single mother to her daughter. With no family living close by her, Susan was faced with the choice of either working a job that would consume all her energy or staying at home and taking care of her daughter without financial security. Instead of choosing between those two paths, Susan true to her moxie and determination trailblazed her own, and decided to offer fitness sessions out of her own home, pioneering the home-run business model, which in the 1990s was an anomaly.

Slowly but surely, while her daughter would color picture books in the studio, Susan watched her home-run business expand and her daughter grow up. And so, for 12 years she owned and managed a private fitness studio and licensed massage therapy practice in Edmonton, Alberta.
Susan moved back to Calgary in 2004, where she continued to make her mark in the fitness industry. In 2007, Susan’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to open a second private studio in her residence in the beautiful community of Altadore. Today, Susan continues to offer a variety of her own ‘S2 style’ Body Blast classes, one on one and small group training at her S2 Fitness Studio – a place she loves to call home!

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